Ubuntu Tip:Quickly open Folders/Special Locations in Ubuntu Desktop

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http://ubuntuguide.net – I used to click Places->Home Folder to browse my home folder and find out something by navigate in this nautilus file manager.Here’s a quick-way to open folders in ubuntu desktop which will save a lot of time. Just press / key in your ubuntu desktop,and a “Open Location” window pop up. then,press enter to launch root folder or type ~/ to open home folder as well as Alt+Home key combination,/mnt/ to open mnt/folder: In this “open location” window,you can also type following: computer:/// Shows Computer, lists the disk partitions network:/// Shows the network locations fonts:/// Lists the fonts installed on the system burn:/// Opens the CD Writing Window. themes:/// Lists the themes available for the Gnome Desktop system-settings:/// Gives access to system settings smb:/// samba – windows network Share Related posts: Share Ubuntu Folders to Specifical computer with NFS Quickly Search apps,files information in Ubuntu using Google Desktop Always make links/bookmarks open in new tabs (HowTos)