[ubuntu] tar seperate gzip/tar files into one tar file with one command

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I'm running out of room on the drives and can no longer do separate tar/gzip files before combining all gzip/tar files into one tar file. Is it possible to pipe a separate gzip/tar straight into a combined tar file ? Currently: #!/bin/sh fsFilePath="/var/backups/" fsFileName="WWWBackup.tar.gz" fsFileLoc="${fsFilePath}${fsFileName}" pg_dump --blobs DB1 | gzip -c > ${fsFilePath}DB1Dump.out.gz pg_dump --blobs DB2 | gzip -c > ${fsFilePath}DB2Dump.out.gz pg_dump --blobs DB3 | gzip -c > ${fsFilePath}DB3Dump.out.gz tar -czpf ${fsFilePath}www.tar.gz -C / var (Hardware)