from ubuntu to suse? for a newbie q&a

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http://forums.opensuse.org – i am thinking of going from ubuntu to suse. i have a little experience with ubuntu but i have had bugs that are not resolvable at this time in ubuntu.. so instead of giving wild bill back my pc i am looking for a new distro. my concerns with ubuntu revolve around acpi. no fan control and high temp. the 2nd problem that is almost overlookable is the ata1 softreset error. it usually is no problem but occasionally have to do manual fsck to fix. so heres my laptop specs. toshiba a305d-s6848. amd turion x2 ati x1250 integrated. 3gb ram. 500gb hd vista and ubuntu 9.04 dual boot grub with 100gb ubuntu and the rest vista. so q1= what suse version would be best? q2= is suse's acpi better? ubuntu runs all features but fan control q3= is suse as easy to install? or harder q4= ati graphics i know for my card went to legacy what version still has the ati drivers for my card q5= is suse easier or harder to work with and get everything working. i know no linux is or opsys is perfect. im just looking for one that is stable and works the pc correctly.. i know its a big thing to ask.. i know no one can tell me that.. but just looking for suggestions.. im thinking of downloading suse and does all the downloads support live sessions.. so i can try b4 buy.. thanks everyone.. one more thing.. if i do switch and remove ubuntu how is the best way to do that.. any how to on the subject would be appreciated (Distributions)