[ubuntu] Strange problem with Acer Aspire One

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Yesterday I bought this Netbook and I installed Karmic 9.10 RC Everything was OK, all hardware was recognized and also WiFi was OK. The first thing it asked me was to complete the language tool (I use Italian version) but here problems began. It started downloading but when it reached 16% it stopped. So I tried to launch sudo apt-get update It started, but when it reached about 16-20% it stopped. So I tried to launch FF and also for sites it starts opening and after a few seconds it stops. The strange thing is that this thing doesn't happen for all sites, because for sites like www.ryanair.com www.tgcom.it www.virgilio.it and many others (about 20% of my bookmark list) they open in a fast way and at the end I can see the word "Done". This means the WiFi system works. I tried to connect by ethernet instead of WiFi and it's exactly the same thing. So I formatted everything and I installed 9.04. Same thing So I formatted everything and I tried the remix version and it's the same thing. But I didn't like it so I formatted once again with 9.10 RC. I use the same connection for my desktop (9.10 RC 64) and it's perfect. When I launch the sudo apt-get update it downloads at 600 k/s and all sites open perfectly, so the problem is not there. Yesterday my NetBook had winXP installed and before formatting I tried to surf and it opened all sites. Here's a pic when it stops about 20 mins after sudo apt-get update Any idea? (Hardware)