[ubuntu] Sound problem arises, but used to work properly on laptop

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Well, I don't know what the problem is.. Sound used to work completely fine (before today, and even this morning) and now when I try to watch Youtube videos/embedded sound, my sound turns into static, and I lose all other sound on my laptop.. Here are the specs of the laptop: http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/sony...=mncolBtm;rnav There is a problem with my laptop's (and the main reason I switched to Ubuntu, thinking it would fix the problems) ACPI.. I do believe that's why I was getting LSASS.exe errors on Windows XP before I made the switch to Linux.. Sometimes, my laptop will not even load up and sometimes when it gets loaded up and starts booting into Linux, it will have an error finding my ACPI..Sometimes, it says it cannot find something (a weird decimal number that is always the same, starts with 5 and looks something like this: [5.829.....]) and boots into Ubuntu fine.. I've switched all options in my Sound Preferences to the OSS - Open Sound System and that did seem to cure the issues I was having with static sound on my Pidgen messenger, and while trying to listen to music, but I still get the static sound when trying to watch youtube videos, or come across embedded sound.. The weird thing is before it happened, the startup sound for Ubuntu sounded fine but now since the problem, the startup sound is also staticy, but my Pidgen sounds fine and so does my music..Up until I try to watch a youtube video, then everything takes a dive. Could this be caused by my ACPI going out, or is it something I tinkered with inside Ubuntu that is causing this? Help is appreciated ^_^ I am running Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition and the problem only started happening today, after I went into Volume Control and muted some things that didn't need to be on. (Hardware)