[ubuntu] Some Multimedia Keys no longer work in oneiric

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Some of my multimedia no longer work ever since I installed 11.10. They worked fine in 11.04. All I get now is a black pop-up notification with a white crossed circle. My other muti-keys work (eg: Suspend, Volume). I have tried many 'solutions' out there but nothing seems to work. Here is some info: Keycodes: [Prev]: 165; [Stop]: 166; [Play/Pause]: 164; [Next]: 163; Scancodes: [Prev]: 0xe0 0x10 0xe0 0x90 [Stop]: 0xe0 0x24 0xe0 0xa4 [Play/Pause]: 0xe0 0x22 0xe0 0xa2 [Next]: 0xe0 0x19 0x30 0x99 I can get through by switching to my media player and doing it manually but are ther (Hardware)