[ubuntu] Slow speed using ssh samba rcp

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http://ubuntuforums.org – If I want to copy Ubuntu to Ubuntu I have to use rcp, samba is too slow but if one of the computers is booted in windows and the Ubuntu is the samba server the speed is ok. Found the ssh and rcp command to copy files but since I've upgraded ubuntu on the ssh openbsd server it is rediculously slow. Both machines are connected by 100Mb/s cable but a 330MB file takes 17 minutes to copy. Internet on both computers seem to work fine so my question is what's going on here, the ssh server is running ubuntu 10 (maybe a bit buggy) but remember when both run on hardy sometimes the speed just drops to a crawl and never recovers after that. If I had many files to copy I usually just rebooted both machines or one and continued using windows/samba server. (HowTos)