[ubuntu] Slightly OT... RAM question

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I have an old ish Compaq Evo running Ubuntu 9, everything's fine. I want the machine to do more than it currently does so figured I'd put some more RAM in. Opened it up and it's currently running on 128mb of PC100 SDRAM. I find my big bag of RAM and have two 256mb sticks... PC133. Perfect I think. Now, here's the issue: Either of the 256 sticks on their own - no problems Either of the 256 sticks with a 128mb stick - no problems The two 256 sticks together = problems Depending on the order of the sticks in the two slots, it'll either refuse to turn on (with either a dead halt or the system beeps), the other way round, it gets so far in to the boot sequence and exits with a CRC error. It's no major issue because 384mb is probably heaps for what I want to do, but I'm just interested - does anyone know why the machine might not want 512mb of RAM...? I always thought RAM limitations were on the OS as opposed to the hardware... Thanks for any insights! Cheers. (Hardware)