Ubuntu Server 32 bit

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http://www.ubuntux.org – Hi guys, I recently loaded Ubuntu Server 32bit as i really want to learn about servers and how to make a pc log into a server etc. After about 8 attempts i got it installed and i boot up and it asks for a login? normal with Linux you use root in stead of admin. But no where when installing did it ask me for a "ROOT"password. it asked me for my password. so i tried black password and i tried the password for MY account and i tried rootmein (read that it was the default pw). I can login with my account. (dylan) now once i log in all i get is a command line. How do i get to act doing something or setting up some settings etc. Is there maybe a web interface which i can access it by or what? Please help. I am new to linux. I have set up ipcop a few times but that's mostly GUI. Thanks (Distributions)