[ubuntu] rsync - why need sudo to run for USB - HD?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, Problem: rsync permissions on NAS to desktop USB HD. Background: I use NAS4Free via NFS. I am using rsync to backup my data to the USB HD. Code: rsync -r -t -v --progress --delete /mnt/NAS/Data /media/USB_Offsite This command does not work, but if I run it as sudo it works: Code: sudo rsync -r -t -v --progress --delete /mnt/NAS/Data /media/USB_Offsite I am puzzled why I need to run this as sudo if my /mnt and /media are on my local machine and mounted with my permissions. My thoughts are that my /media/USB_Offsite are not mounted with full permissions. It is auto-moun (Hardware)