[ubuntu] Recommend AM3 mobo?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I am building a budget AMD system and probably AM3. I am torn between a MSI board and an ASUS one. I don't like the Gigabyte boards mostly because of the design regarding the location of the PCI-e x16 slot and the SATA ports. These are 785g boards and I want the board under $100 if possible. Anyway, the main concern with the Asus board is the VIA VT1708S codec as I'm an audiophile. Well, seriously, I need good sound and will use onboard sound for the time being. Does this work in Ubuntu 9.04 AND 9.10? Is the VIA audio chipset better quality than Realtek ALC888 and ALC889? Realtek audio seems to be more reliable and better supported in Linux as I have this chipset on my Intel P35 mobo. Not sure I want to risk switching to VIA unless I get some feedback of it working okay. The sound quality has to be good, too. If you know of some motherboards to recommend, please do so but my budget is $100 for the mobo. I would like a decent design, too, in case I ever upgrade with a discrete graphics card and this mobo will have at least a couple of SATA drives. It won't be for me so I'll install Ubuntu since I'm trying to convert some family members to Linux and I'm familiar with the *buntus so maybe less frustration will occur... :D (Hardware)