[ubuntu] Reading CentOS volumes... help!

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I had a CentOS home server, running Samba - which died after a local (but short) power outage. Unfortunately, I didn't run it on a UPS. Now the CentOS box won't get on the network... I elected to mount the hard drive in my Ubuntu desktop box, and copy off the contents... which brings me to my question. This CentOS file system seems to be encrypted, or otherwise unreadable. what is with the incompatibility? I can only ready the CentOS /boot partition (ext3). How can I read this? (I have already installed GDecrypt, but it just says "(mountpoint) isn't empty") Help! (important stuff on the drive...) Should I just overcome the reason the CentOS box won't access the network? Is that easier? (Hardware)