[ubuntu] RAID 6 installation - Did I do it right?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Before my installation of 12.04 server I read a lot on the forum about raid install and problems with Grub not being able to boot from anything other than a raid 1 array. However I had no problem at all with installation on a raid 6 array (5 disks) using mdadm. What I did using Alternate 12.04 CD: 1. Choose Manual partion 2. Wipe all 5 drives 3. Assign all drives to a Raid 6 array 4. Create a LVM volume group and assign the the raid 6 array to this group 5. Create the three volumes; boot, swap and / 6. installed Grub (Grub2) It boots up without any problems. It seems to good to be true, did (Hardware)