[ubuntu] Quick help on Install, Please. RAID/Crypt/LVM Combination

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all. Starting an install & a bit unsure on a couple of points with a RAID/LUKS/LVM combination. In condensed form I have a 2T and a 1T disk. I am doing: (1) 512MB primary @ beginning of both disks -> Use for RAID -> Setup RAID -> Mount as /boot (2) 999.7 GB extended partition both disks -> Use for RAID -> Setup RAID -> Use for Crypt#1 (3) 1TB logical partition on (unRAIDed) remainder of 2T disk -> use for crypt#2 (4) Setup Crypt. It asks for passwords for both encrypted partitions. I use the same on both. (5) Set both encrypted partitions to be used for LV (Hardware)