[ubuntu] proxy forwarding help

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I use an application called Proxoid to connect to the internet via my moto Droid using android adb forward. Turns my cell into a little proxy server or something. This works great on firefox and in synaptic package manager because they both have options to use a manual proxy. i just put in localhost 8080 I have a few problems still though: -How do i make the terminal use the proxy E.g. apt-gets don't work **-How can i make something specific, EVE Online (mmorpg), connect to the proxy when it doesn't have a built in option, or force all of my connections to go through that port. I saw something that was explaining how to forward the terminal but i got lost because the only info i have is that its port 8080 i just start the app on my phone, choose the port, and sudo ./adb forward tcp:8080 tcp:8080 so idk im kind of lost beyond downloading files and surfing the web with it... Also i seemed to have seen a screenshot of a windows application that does exactly what im talking about with a nice GUI, but i need a linux solution. The game i want to connect to the proxy (EVE) is ran using WINE, if that is relevant. (HowTos)