[ubuntu] Ports open even though they should be closed

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hey guys, I don't understand whats going on with my rootserver... I have reset iptables and just opened the port for ssh. Now suddenly over night I see that there are a various of ports open: 21,80, 135, 139, 445, 3128 Could it be that vsftpd for example put rules in automatically to allow input on port 21? I also tried disabling iptables with this command: Code: # iptables -X # iptables -t nat -F # iptables -t nat -X # iptables -t mangle -F # iptables -t mangle -X # iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT # iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT # iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT after this i did a port scan with ip (Hardware)