Ubuntu One Music Store Sneak Peek

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http://popey.com – It looks like 7digital are providing the back-end for the Ubuntu One Music Store which is due to land in Ubuntu Lucid at Alpha 3 – real soon now. The screenshots below were taken by me today on my laptop. They’re from Chromium browser, not from the embedded Rhthmbox store. That should be activated soon, and I’d imagine will look similar. Here’s a little screenshot tour. The landing page clearly has the Ubuntu One branding. As you’d expect you can easily search for music.. ..to find your favourite artist or album.. Download tracks.. In the case of this album it’s available in MP3 format at 320kbps with no DRM Clicking ‘Download’ adds tracks to your basket.. The store also has support for ‘vouchers’. Pretty sure I recall Elliot Murphy say podcasters should get vouchers for testing the store. (although perhaps I’ve screwed that with this blog post) The store supports Credit/Debit cards, Click&Buy and Paypal.. You can also track your existing downloads. Of course this isn’t ready yet, so we can’t see it in Rhythmbox on Ubuntu yet, but it’s clearly getting there. Interesting that they’re using 7digital, where it was expected by some that Amazon would be the choice. Also note that you can download each track 3 times on different computers. Of course you could download tracks once, then plop them in your Ubuntu One or Dropbox so they’re synced (and effectively backed up) across your machines. I’d be interested to hear your opinions of the store in the comments. (Distributions)