ubuntu on an old pc

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – i thought that this might be a better place to post this question than the ubuntu forums because theyre so busy that posts tend to drop out of the top page too quickly. i usually get good answers fast here too. i have an old pc with an asrock k7s8x motherboard and a amd xp2600 processor. its not overclocked. ive installed ubuntu 9.10 and it runs well, but the processor fan spins at full speed constantly. i went into the bios to check the temperature and it was just over 30c, so it cant be spinning fast because its overheating. its not really a problem, but id prefer if the fan speed was regulated somehow according to the temperature. have i done something wrong, or is there something i should be doing to get that to happen? if you need any more details to come up with an answer, i'll do the best i can to post them. (HowTos)