[ubuntu] nVidia 8600 GTS not recognized - Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I just installed hardy onto my Dell a few days ago, I've tried several methods to get my nVidia 8600 GTS to completely work with the GNOME display, but all attempts have failed. (I want my hardware acceleration for desktop effects and music visualizations) Initially when I installed Hardy, I selected to enable the restricted nvidia driver, and everything worked fine until I did a full reboot. After the reboot, it seemed to have not detected my video card, was running in low-res 800x600, and there was no longer an option to disable the restricted nvidia driver. I have tried many other methods of getting my card to work such as Envy, installing the drivers from the nvidia website, and downloading the various driver packages from the package manager. I am pretty new to ubuntu, having tried it on the live CD a few times before, and I am in no case an experienced linux user. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially some dumbed down step-by-step instructions. (Hardware)