Ubuntu not acknowledging\using all physical memory

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http://www.ozzu.com – The operating system in question is Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, kernel 2.6.24, desktop environment Gnome 2.22.3. Ive got it on an LTSP server and the thing is getting kind of old so I wanted to upgrade memory to try and squeeze a little life out of it. The server physically has 6GB of memory installed, there are 6x 1G sticks with two empty slots. When I boot up the server and go into the BIOS, it shows I have 6144MB of RAM installed (the full 6G). But when I look at the System Monitor in ubuntu it says only 3.5GB of memory, and when I do the top command 3632060k of memory (basically 3.5GB). So the server itself knows how much memory is there, but ubuntu doesnt. Im not the person who built this server so I dont know what the hell is going on, the thing has lots of weird kinks and problems. Is there some sort of way I can get ubuntu to actually acknowledge and use the full amount of memory?Topic Replies: 4 (HowTos)