[ubuntu netbook remix] Mouse click not responsive

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Okay, first a list of the hardware: I use an Acer AS 1410 netbook with a Microsoft USB cordless Arc mouse. BTW, that little folding mouse rocks! Anyway, I can move the mouse around well and when I over over an item on desktop there are no problems, the item gets highlighted right away. But when I try to either left-click or right;click on just about anything, then it shows very bad responsiveness. Sometimes I get a response right away and other times I have to click and click and double-click and quadruple-click like a mad whore to get any sort of a response. This must be a problem specific to the mouse because the touch pad is perfectly responsive, one tap and the item is selected every time......not so with the mouse. Sometimes, I ever get so feed up with the mouse that I just leave it to tap the retarded pad and I guess we probably all dislike the dumb touch pad, I know I hate mine. And somehow, this problem only occurs when I am browsing the computer. It doesn't occur when using Firefox or a<Mule or just about any other applications I have used. And it's been occurring from the very beginning, from the first login after a clean install. How can I fix this? Any ideas? Thanx, PepeLapiu :) (Hardware)