[ubuntu netbook remix] Is anyone working on keeping Ubuntu small???

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I'm a pretty happy user of Ubuntu (Jaunty) but I was curious if there are any existing projects to keep Ubuntu from getting to bloated for simple netbook use. (I see no real reason why a base OS with web capability and email should have to be larger than 1 GB or so on a netbook). Some quick background. I was an avid user of my Nokia N800 but traded up for a Dell Mini 9 netbook running Ubuntu. The orig shipping copy of Ubuntu was nuts. Dell must have been smoking something to sell a 4GB SSD with less than 200mb free. I upgraded to 9.04 remix and instantly gained close to a gig of space. I've only added on a few apps I like (thunderbird, pidgin ...) and the disk space has been somewhat managable. The only thing I dislike is the fact that Evolution Mail is somehow tied to the OS and can't be uninstalled. I've been thinking about the new Moblin 2.0 but I'm a bit hesitant as it took me some time getting the ubuntu script worked out to get Blutooth passthrough working with my cell phone. I hope mobiln masks the OS but still allows for shell access. I don't intend to use my netbook as a developers workstation I want it to be an easy web terminal. Any thoughts, experiences or suggestions on the subject would be greatly appreciated. ~ WG. (Hardware)