[ubuntu netbook remix] 9.10 Acer Aspireone not defaulting to on-demand power scheme

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http://ubuntuforums.org – As the topic says, the install of 9.10 did not result in defaulting to on-demand power scheme. This can be changed via the CPU Frequency applet (after entering the password) and seems to work flawlessly, but this is not retained. Upon boot, it's back to Performance. Previous Ubuntus (at least that I noticed) defaulted to On-Demand, and this is the ideal mode for me on a laptop. On an older Inspiron that I use for testing new things, 9.10 defaulted to On Demand. I would like to know how to set this on the AspireOne so it defaults to On-Demand power. The feature seems to work just fine once enabled, so a workaround must exist. The AAO page in Community Docs used to have power saving tweaks (at least for previous Ubuntu versions), but for god know's why this information seems to have all been removed as the pages have been condensed. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. (Hardware)