[ubuntu] Mouse Pointer very jittery

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Jittery/shakey... I don't know exactly what word to use. English isn't my first language. But when I keep my finger still on the touchpad, the mouse pointer seems to keep moving rapidly within a tiny square area. I know that the touchpad must be sending thousands of tiny signals per second to the OS. But Windows, on the same laptop, shows a perfectly still mouse pointer, when the finger is still. I'm assuming the touchpad driver on Ubuntu isn't doing a good job with filtering out the noise. This isn't a huge issue, but when I'm, say, moving a window, and stop dragging, the mouse pointer keeps on moving erratically in a small area, and hence, the window keeps wobbling constantly till I stop dragging. Same with dragging icons, selecting text etc. It also makes it very difficult to point the pointer on a small area on the screen, like when trying to grab the bottom right corner of a window to re-size it. The mouse pointer refuses to stay still. It gets annoying. Especially annoying are right click context menus. Sometimes, as soon as I right click, the mouse pointer has moved over the menu because of the jitter, and it ends up clicking the first menu item. :???: Its a brand new Dell Inspiron 17, with a Dell touchpad. Works perfectly well on windows. Doesn't work too well on Ubuntu 9.10 beta. Any help would be appreciated. p.s. The touchpad supports multitouch (pinching etc to zoom in/out in windows.) But when I use more than one finger on it in Ubuntu, the mouse pointer goes totally berserk and moves around all over the screen erratically. Should I create a new thread for this issue? (Hardware)