[ubuntu] A month or more later and still problems>help please!

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Please can someone explain to me why one day I am on a "link local" network..and the next minute I get a a message saying link local is not compatible with Avahi..that the network has been disconnected. (In favour of a Windows Network)...I can't understand why if I use Ubuntu and my provider is BT why I am on a Windows network.(I am a standalone situation) or why these two networks fight continually to link me up. I asked a while back but got no replies.I rang my ISP but they had no knowledge. I experimented a bit and found that if I reformatted using a foreign language with the Republic of Ireland as my update center I got some respite...I am fed up and considering either a Mac or giving up PC's full stop....It wouldnt be so bad but my laptop sends commands to my desktop(behind my back lol) and the bios has been altered (even with a password on) and set to automatically reset if I change it.I honestly feel as if there is no privacy no peace and no security....what the hell am I doing wrong? Does everyone get hounded these days or is it just me? (HowTos)