[ubuntu] Monitor Swap Trouble

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I've been using Hardy Heron for a few months on a third-hand Compaq Presario S3200NX with the original monitor with few problems. I was recently given a new-to-me flatscreen (Gateway 900W, mfg June 2006) for use instead and attempted to install it with no luck. Here's what I've managed to see on the monitor: Monitor on, computer off: black screen, orange power button Both on: (1) power button turns blue, (2) initial startup screen & blue power button, (3) black screen & blue power button, (4) menu countdown & blue power button, (5) black screen & blue power button, (6) ubuntu loading screen & blue power button, (7) black screen & blue power button. It'll stay that way for some time. If I press my delete key the CPU beeps & I can hear the CPU working throughout but no view onscreen. The power button stays blue. Eventually I get sick of this and turn the CPU off. Some text flashes onscreen and off again before I can read it, and the power button turns orange. I got sick of this after several tries spanning two hours or so, and plugged the original monitor back in. The colors are different.... the formerly solid orange task bars are now green on the left and verging on red on the right, but it seems a sick monitor is better than one that won't work at all. What can I do to install my new monitor and/or make my old one go back to normal? (Hardware)