[ubuntu] Mini9 8.04 Wireless - Pulseaudio

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Okay bought a mini9 from dell last day they where going to sell them to use as a softphone while im moving Skype! being the main use for this machine was having a issue with dead locking me into pulseaudio no big deal just means that i had to mute speakers and bluetooth wasnt happening day 2! pulsequit working pretty much googled a bit see a post about pulse and skype dead lock issue and the guy fixed by just uninstalling pulse via apt-get remove sounds to easy but worth a shot wireless has not worked since it did seem to -clean up- alot of packages and remove a old ubuntu-desktop package note i was still waking up and should have known better at this point _-_ anyone have any ideas on how to get the wireless back preferably without reinstalling the pulse audio that is needed to get the ubuntu-desktop package (Hardware)