[ubuntu] Linksys Wireless USB (WUSB600N) Installation Problems...

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi Found a few threads addressing this but many are 6 months old or better. There have been new drivers and new Ubuntu since any of the posts I have read. I am trying to get a linksys WUSB600N up and running on Ubuntu Version 9.10. I have downloaded the current driver versions from ralink.com It compiled OK and I followed all the instructions that came with the driver. (incidentally other posts where drivers for this USB Adapter would not compile under Ubuntu 9.10.. Got error 2 from Make and Linux) lsusb shows the device properly it shows a USD_DEVICE as 0x1737,0x0079 Some instructions mention adding those numbers to the rt2870.h file before compiling In the latest driver download from ralink.com, there is no structure for this define. As I said, if I try to compile some of the older drivers found in the forum it will not compile. Get a make error 2.. after compile and install of the latest drivers, (complied fine) I run the /sbin/insmod rt2870sta.ko No errors yet.... If I run modprobe -l | grep rt2870 The module shows installed in the kernel like so kernel/drivers/staging/RT2870STA/rt2870sta.ko (all other wireless drivers seem to be located in kernel/drivers/wireless.. Not sure if this is significant) Now here is where it fails... I run /sbin/ifconfig ra0 inet up I get the following error SIOCSIFADDR: No Such Device ra0: Error while getting interface flags ra0: Error while getting interface flags No Such Device. I have looked in the /dev directory and do not see a device ra0.. Should it show up there? ifconfig shows only eth0 lo Running dmesg | grep rt2 shows rt2870sta: no symbol version for module layout usbcore: registered new interface driver rt2780sta LOL I think I am close. Just need to find the right info.. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks John (HowTos)