[ubuntu] lazy question--why are the intel video drivers sooooo bad?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – this is not a constructive criticism or an intelligent post, but i am curious about the answer. WHY DO THE INTEL VIDEO DRIVERS SUCK SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH? watching flash videos should not require cutting edge technology. even with the new driver in 9.10, full-screen videos stutter distractingly, as does the process of dragging windows across the screen. games that have a linux-native port, such as q3, run fine under windows with native resolution and max setting; on linux they are unplayable even at 640x480. why is this? these drivers are being officially programmed by intel employees, right? i understand it has something to do with their "open-source technology center," but i can't figure out if that means they're actually programming the drivers or just releasing the source and then washing their hands of whatever the community comes up with. why is my life so hard? (it's not. i realize this is a silly thing to whine about. but it's the main thing that keeps me from completely switching to linux; i always boot windows to watch movies and play games.) (Hardware)