[ubuntu] Latitude E5500, misc things

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hey all, I have been running Ubuntu 9.04 on my new Latitude for a week or so now and I have to say I am very impressed with how everything worked out of the box, I am used to a bit of a struggle to get laptops functioning the way I like. The sound is a bit of an issue but isn't that always the case, master volume is maxed and within a few % is hardly audible is there a way to change its range? Also microphone stuff, sounds like I'm miles away when I talk louder its too loud and just distorts, probably another range issue. There is something I wanted some advice on, the VGA out :D there is a button on the keyboard with turns the VGA port on it seems, that works fine but the LCD doesn't turn off so X has a bit of a fit resizing the laptop desktop and ends up deciding black bars on the side are the way to go on the LCD. How can I tell ubuntu that when I hit this button I want to toggle the VGA port on with a 1680*1050 res (TV) and the LCD off, and then turn the VGA port off and turn the LCD back on with 1280*800. Best regards, Wip (Hardware)