[ubuntu] Laptop locked up twice. What does this syslog entry mean?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – My laptop locked up twice within a 15 minute period. It's a Lenovo E430, 13.04, all latest updates. I looked in my syslog each time. The first time I wasn't sure what the error was, so I ignored it for that instance. Shortly after my laptop locked up again. Each time it happened when the laptop was sitting here, idle in my laptop, as I was "resting my eyes" for short bursts of time. Anyway, this is the error. Each one was the same. May 24 21:45:28 JS-UbuE430 signond[2949]: ../../../../src/signond/signondaemon.cpp 360 init Failed to SUID root. Secure storage will not be available. (Hardware)