[ubuntu] Keyboard problems

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all I recently went through the only slightly painful (but slow) process of upgrading from Hardy to Karmic. Halfway through (probably in Jaunty) I noticed that some of the keys on my generic 104 keyboard were not working right. I just kept going with the upgrades, hoping it would sort itself out, but it did not. Specifically - the key left of the "1" is completely wrong - should produce alternate single quote, but I get "#", and tilde, but I get "|", - the "at" key (shift 2) now produces a double quote (") - shift 3 produces "/" instead of "#". - shift 6 produces "?" There are more, but it is too painful to try typing them all in. You will notice I have not used a apostrophe in this post, because that key has a peculiar effect. Typing "apostrophe a" produces "à". Could this all be because I told ubuntu that I was in Canada, and it assumed I was using a French Canadian keyboard? (BTW I just discovered that trying to type a "/" gets me a "é" and trying to type a "?" gets a "É". Charming.) EDIT------ Going to System-Preferences-Keyboard-Layout does not seem to offer much help. (Hardware)