[ubuntu] Karmic: Display not going to DMPS sleep correctly

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http://ubuntuforums.org – My problem: The LCD display on my laptop wouldn't always go to DMPS sleep. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. I tried: All sorts of fixes including updates to xserver and gnome-power-manager ... but no luck. What I did that worked: Decided to try replacing "gnome-screensaver" with "xscreensaver", disabling DMPS sleep in "gnome-power-manager", and enabling DMPS sleep in "xscreensaver" ... and it WORKED! Step 1: *Open "Administration->Synaptic Package Manager" *REMOVE package "Gnome-Screensaver" *INSTALL package "xscreensaver" *INSTALL package "rss-glx" *INSTALL package "xscreensaver-gl" *INSTALL package "xscreensaver-data" *INSTALL package "xscreensaver-gl-extra" *INSTALL package "xscreensaver-data-extra" *Close Synaptic Package Manager Step 2: *Open "Administration->System Monitor" *Find the process "gnome-screensaver" and KILL it *Close System Monitor Step 3: *Open "Preferences->Startup Applications" *Find the startup application "Screensaver" and select it *Click the "Edit" button to the right *Replace the text "gnome-screensaver" with "xscreensaver" and click the "Save" button *Close Startup Applications Step 4: *Open "Preferences->Power Management" *Under "AC" and "Battery" tabs, set "Put display to sleep when inactive for" to "Never" *Close Power Management Step 5: *Open "Preferences->Screensaver" *When prompted to start xscreensaver daemon, allow it *Under the "Display Modes" tab, select SOME screensaver or select "Blank Screen" *Below that, set the "Blank After" time to some desired time (this is how long until the screensaver activates) *Under the "Advanced" tab, check the box for "Power Management Enabled" *Below that, set the "Standby", "Suspend", and "Off" times to some desired time (this is how long until the monitor shuts off. In my case, I just set all the fields to the same time ... 5 minutes) That SHOULD be it! It fixed all the problems with my display not doing DPMS sleep, AND it gave me a lot of nice screensavers to choose from. Hope this works for you! =) (Hardware)