[ubuntu] Java applet in Firefox-> Null Pointer Exception

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http://ubuntuforums.org – The issue is certain java applets would not load on Ubuntu but on Windows- on the same computer, with the same browsers, and the same oracle jdk/JRE 7u21. I have dual boot ubuntu/winxp. I have tried and tested OpenJDK-java6/7, Oracle JRE Java-7 (update 21). All of these together, and when didnt work, seperately each of them, in Firefox/Opera/Chrom/ium . One sample applets is Security/stock chart Applet at the bottom of the page at url--- http://indiabulls.com/securities/res..._analysis.aspx Applet here loads smoothly on windows but not in ubuntu. I have also tried few other applets on web (Hardware)