[ubuntu] install problems/grub issues on Software Raid system

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi guys, I am trying to set up a home server with software raid. My new system has a MSI B75MA-P45 motherboard with Intel G620 and 3 WD Caviar Green 2.5Tb hard disks I followed following instructions: http://wiki.graven-ict.nl/index.php/...oftware_RAID_5 Using ubuntu alternate on a USB drive to install it. Basically I am making a partition of 256 MB on each disc setting it up as Raid1 and making it ext4 for /boot. So boot partition is in Raid1. secondly I made a partition with rest of data, making it Raid5. In the raid5 I make an LVM with a swap partition of 4Gb and rest is (Hardware)