[ubuntu] HP/Compaq Mini 2140

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Has anyone successfully installed Ubuntu (any flavour) on a Compaq/HP Mini 2140 netbook? I just picked up one of those. It runs reasonably fast with XP after I spent a few hours removing and disabling stuff (why they always bog down these machines with crap is beyond me), but the temptation to slap Linux on it is great. :) I'm mostly concerned with wireless support, the touchpad and the slightly weird screen resolution (1024x576 instead of 1024x600). It also doesn't have a DVD/CD drive, so I may have to look into getting an external USB DVD drive or consider an online installation, which is a little tricky with my limited 384k DSL here (about 45k/second, so downloading gigs of stuff is not an option). Ideally, I'd just want to install Ubuntu and be done with it. Don't currently have the time to really fuzz around with it much, as I had to with both my other laptop and my desktop. (Hardware)