[ubuntu] HP Mini 1000 broadcom wireless card

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello ubuntu community forums! I've heard great things so I've come to see if you can give me a hand. I own a HP MINI 1000 and I'm trying to fix the known problem of the wireless card in ubuntu 9.10. Now let me tell you the steps I have taken. First I noticed that ubuntu has put this artical on their support site HERE Of course this does not work due to the fact that I cannot access the internet (only wireless card in this one) So then I decide to download it manually (bcmwl-kernel-source) HERE This requires me to input the CD which there is no CD-ROM drive and I have no idea how to make it look outside /cdrom at the USB drive. Then it was on to various corners of the internet looking for linux drivers and the HP site was ,of course, no help. So in conclusion; without a ethernet jack or CD-ROM, I can't find any solutions. Please help. (Hardware)