[ubuntu] HP dv7t: external USB drives don't stay mounted across suspend/resume

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I've got an HP dv7t that's been running a 32-bit Ubuntu build since 8.10. I generally keep a 500GB external (USB2.0) drive mounted at all times. I almost always suspend the laptop at night and resume in the morning. Since I've had it, the dv7t has been mostly OK with suspend/resume. I understand that the dv5t laptops of its similar generation have BIOS problems that keep suspend/resume from working, but this one has been OK. OK, that is, until I installed 9.10. Now, while in a couple of ways (sound, mostly, though sound has its own new problems) resuming from sleep has gotten a little better, with the external USB drive it's gotten worse. Basically, the USB drive never works after resume. The drive has to be power-cycled for the system to even notice it again - that is, unplugging and replugging it has no effect, and there's nothing in /var/log/messages to indicate when I do that that the system has detected it as a mass storage device. According to the mount table, the disk remains mounted (which isn't surprising), but any attempt to access it gets an "I/O error". I don't see errors in the log upon failed accesses, and I'm not sure how to interpret what's there in general from the process of resuming after sleep. Note that I'm talking about suspend to RAM, not "hibernate" (which is slower than shutdown/reboot on this laptop and therefore pretty useless). (Hardware)