[ubuntu] Is this how RAID is supposed to look?(gparted screens)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello again :-), I had a RAID 1 device: 2 seagate HDD's - 160gb & 500gb, working for quite some time, untill one day they both dissapeared. I used gparted to take a look and I found both the Disks had been formatted and the partition table deleted; they were just appearing as unallocated spaces. So, I created a new Partition(ext2) on the 150gb and formatted, hoping it would use both Disks. Now, the HDD's looks like this and I have no idea if my 500gb HDD is active at all? - What do I need to do to create the correct array? http://www.flame-d.co.uk/RAID1.png - the 150gb disk. http://www (Hardware)