[ubuntu] How to install Kernel

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Alright, I figured out how to get connection, however now my system won't boot without the CD, it just goes straight to a black screen, and when I do get it to boot with the CD, it'll freeze after about 10 minutes of usage. After uninstalling, and reinstalling, I've come to the conclusion that the update that I do to get connection is the cause of the problem. One of the files that I am updating is causing an error with my system, so my question now is, how do I install just the one file. After I reinstalled 9.10, my system booted up no problem, and was not freezing, then I did this: Went to the system repository, loaded the CD update, hit reload, and had some files, 7/15 install, the rest went to error because I'm still not connected to the internet at that point. Once that finished, I loaded the BCMWL Kernel Source, which is what I need to get the system to recognize my wireless card, and rebooted my computer. Now my system won't boot up again without the CD, and freezes when I boot with the CD. What I think will work is if I can somehow just download and install that BCMWL Kernel file, without the rest. I can't imagine that being that hard, so can someone help me out with this. I've got the WMP54G Card if that helps. (HowTos)