[ubuntu] how can I format a usb thumb drive?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – On ubuntu 9.04 desktop I'm trying to use a Kingston "Data Traveler" 4GB thumb drive to store data. I'm not trying to boot from it (yet). I was planning to format it with a ext2 filesystem but fdisk doesn't seem to see it. Here's what I get: sudo fdisk /dev/sdd Unable to open /dev/sdd I'm sure that's a valid device name because it appears when I insert the usb drive and disappears when I remove it. However, many other device names also appear and disappear when it is inserted or removed. 14 in all. They are: cdrom2, cdrom3, cdrw2, cdrw3, dvd2, dvd3, scd2, sdd, sg5, sg6, sr2, usbdev1.X_ep00, usbdev1.X_ep02, usbdev1.X_ep81. In the last three the 'X' increases by 1 each time the device is removed and then re-inserted. Do I need to get rid of these other devices before I can format sdd? What is the significance of a single physical device having so many /dev entries? True, this thumb drive is described as a "Secure privacy" drive and it has windows software on it intended to require a password before you can read or write on it. So it's probably intentionally rigged to prevent exactly what i'm trying to do. But there must be some way to wipe everything out and reformat it. How can I do that? I examined it closely for a write-protect switch but there isn't one. When I insert it, it automatically mounts read-only. The entry for it in /etc/mtab is: /dev/sr2 /media/DTSP\040Launcher iso9660 ro,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,uid=1000,utf8 0 0 (Hardware)