[ubuntu] Help installing Dual video cards (quad monitor) nvidia AND ati

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http://ubuntuforums.org – hi, I'm fairly new at Ubuntu and Linux in general. With that said, I have been patient enough and resourceful enough to find most of my questions already answered by googling it or looking here. Right now I have been looking for days on a way to do this and i have found no successful answer. I am using Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 with the most current updates init I have a nVidia G94 [Geforce 9600 GT] rev A1 and an ATI RV516 [Radeon x1300/x155 0 Series] They both support dual monitor configurations and I have the nVidia one running dual monitor right now. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the ATI card to do more than barely register that it is physically pluged in. I know the ATI works with Ubuntu as i had a dual monitor on another computer with it that I turned into a server and removed all monitors from. When I go to system>administration>Hardware Drivers i see options for my nVidia but nothing for the ATI and that's how i installed it on the other computer I have also looked into the ubuntu faq on installing ATI vid cards and followed them to thw word w/o results. Im hesitant to pull the nVidia one out just to install the ati one because my motherboard has no integrated video. Any help with this would be very much appreciated.. If any other specs are needed just ask me and i will post them here (Hardware)