[ubuntu] Have Unalocated 7GB, can I move something over to fill it? Screenshot.

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Here's a screenshot of how I have my current Ubuntu 12.04 install setup. 1. I'm not sure Swap is doing anything (don't see any space used) 2. To the right of Swap I have around 7GB of Unallocated space. Is there a way to combine this with my main Home Directory. 3. Semi related... I have 269 GB in my Home Directory. I'd like to make this or most of also accessible in Windows. I prefer to store my files so I can access it from both OS's. I don't really need much storage in Home. Is there a good way to split that drive up and say keep 20GB for Home and use the rest as a Format that both OS' (Hardware)