[ubuntu] hardy 8.04 (i386) on macbook-pro3,1

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http://ubuntuforums.org – hi, I've a macbookpro3,1 and my target is tripleboot osx10.6 + apodio5.08 (hardy 8.04 i386) + xp. I know there are many guides but nothing seems work properly on my mac, and hardy 8.04 i386 seems no good for macbook-pro3,1 (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook). so my questions are: 1. I tryed triple-boot with osx10.6 + apodio5.08 (ubuntu-hardy-i386) + xp, but seems that GRUB can't start from hd(0,2) (where I installed it); perhaps I have to install lilo instead grub (many sites say that), or I have to install grub onto MBR hd(0,0), or simply hardy is not good for ver.3,1 macbookpro? 2. rEFIt "sees" linux in boot menu, but when I choose it a screen appears saying something like "this isn't a bootable disk"...have I to synch something in rEFIt, or have I to reinstall somthing else? guys, please help me. in apodio webpage there is a picture of a macbook-pro running apodio...so there must be a solution of my problem! (Hardware)