[ubuntu] Grub won't load (ubuntu server 12.10 on MacBookPro5,5)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi there, I'm trying to install ubuntu-server-amd64+mac ver 12.10 on a MacBookPro 5,5. after installation, booting ubuntu hangs during grub. the steps i have taken: A) i installed refit B) i used diskutil to partition the drive as: 1) EFI partition - didn't touch it 2) mac's original HFS+ partition 3) ubuntu 4) another FAT partition used to transfer files between osx and ubuntu C) i ran (server) install cd (i verified the checksum after downloading it and burned it with diskutil) D) i have no swap and chose to simply install root (/) on /dev/sda3 (after formatting it with ext3) E) i c (Hardware)