[ubuntu] Grub only sometimes shows on Toshiba R500

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Right, I've only just worked this one out. My Toshiba R500 has been happily dual booting Windows and Ubuntu 9.04. However, there's one really weird thing it does. Sometimes the GRUB menu shows properly ... sometimes the BIOS splash screen has some weird lines on it and then just boots to Ubuntu. Now at first I thought that it was somehow bypassing GRUB ... but whilst it was in this odd corrupted splash screen I pressed the arrow keys. Lo and behold, the lines changed subtly and I find that I can select different GRUB options if I can remember where they were on the menu. The menu is sort of displayed - corrupted in with the BIOS splash! Anyone seen this? Any solutions/thoughts? :popcorn: (Hardware)