[ubuntu] Getting write errors on USB 3.0 RAID - no problems under windws!

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello, I have a HTPC with Ubuntu 11.10 running XBMC. The HTPC is a Zotac zBox AD04 (AMD Fusion). I have connected an external 6TB NTFS RAID5 (FANTEC QB-35US3R)via USB 3.0. When I copy a large file to it with "cp -rv" (e.g. a 6 GB mkv) after ~2-3 GB I get write errors and the device gets disconnected, I have to turn the RAID off and on. The interesting fact is, that in windows I have NO problems with the RAID! (I run chkdsk already). This tells me that the hardware must be ok! My guess is, is the NTFS driver of Ubuntu not capable of copying large files? Or what can I do? Do you n (Hardware)