[ubuntu] Getting Internet @ my University

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http://ubuntuforums.org – So, when I went to college I decided to bring my linux box with me along with my cheap xp laptop. Turns out when I first plug in the internet it works, all systems are go, whoopee. But then when I upgrade to 9.10 all that happens is that my internet connectivity icon constantly spins and tells me that I'm disconnected and then spins some more. Tried out a different computer, same story. The only thing I could really think of that I did different was that at home, I had the machine set up so that I could SSH to it and grab files off of it from the mythtv that I had set up. The only real information that I can find on the universities website is this : "nix and Linux are pretty complicated operating systems. If you are able to get Unix and Linux running, you probably have a pretty good idea how to setup the network card by yourself. ResNet doesn't support Unix or Linux computers for setup, however, they are compatible with the ethernet connection in the residence halls. Remember, you must use a DYNAMIC IP address. Static IP addresses are not allows without permission of ResNet." link I'm hoping there's an easy solution here that I'm not seeing. I mean, I bought myself a shiny new (used) pc with two, count 'em, two 3.2 ghz xeon processors. I was so stoaked about using it too. So any help is appreciated (HowTos)