[ubuntu] GeForce 8400GS in Ubuntu?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I want to buy an LCD to run at 1920x1080, but since I'm not a gamer, I want to be cheap on the video card (plus my board only has a PCIEx16 1.0 slot anyways). I was looking at buying a 512MB GeForce 8400GS. I don't care anything about compiz effects, and don't mind turning all that stuff off if needed; all I want is a system capable of running at 1920x1080 so that I'll have enough room to for instance have my source code and created pdf open side by side when I'm writing something in LaTeX, have Eclipse and my documentation side by side when I'm writing something in Java, and so on. My current hardware is old (ASUS M2NPV-VM board with integerated GeForce6150, old Athlon64X2 CPU, 2GB DDR2 800 RAM), but it runs pretty well on Intrepid (32-bit) at 1280x1024, and I was hoping a cheap video card would be all I need to run 1920x1080. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows whether its possible to do this resolution (without a really bad refresh rate) using a 512MB GeForce 8400GS. Thanks! (Hardware)