[ubuntu] Force the 32 bit version of libpng.so.3 to install

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I'm running 64 bit (as any sensible person with 64 bit hardware would) 12.10 and am trying to install HiDPoint. Unfortunately they have written it only for 32 bit. They claim that installing ia32-libs will let it work on a 64 bit OS, but this is incorrect - it doesn't solve the libpng problem. I have tried installing and soft linking to the 64 bit libpng.so.3, but they even go so far as to check the version of libpng and refuse to install if it isn't 32 bit! So I'm pretty sure I have no choice but to install what they want. I can't just use apt-get to install libpng3 - it installs the 64 (Hardware)